Instructor Training

Acrofit™ Certification Course Level 1

Fitness Training For The Body and Mind

The Acrofit™ Certification Course Level 1 is a 2-day course that teaches you a unique and incredibly powerful and effective fitness system to improve health, build strength, lose weight and develop balance and coordination. Based on a series of acrobatic exercises that are practiced and developed by professional acrobats, Acrofit™ is a total body workout without the use of weights, equipment, or gyms.

You’ll also strengthen your mindset and cultivate greater creativity, confidence, and mental stamina by exploring principles of the Acrobatic Mindset™ within the course. Develop not only a powerful and lean body, but also an unstoppable and determined way of thinking.

Is This For Me?

Acrofit™ is a highly accessible, step-by-step approach to increasing strength, power, and precision. While the exercises are intense, they are not presented in a “bootcamp” style – instruction is friendly and delivered at your pace. This course is for you is you want to:

  • Learn to perform basic acrobatics
  • Improve health with precision training
  • Become flexible and strong
  • Lose weight and increasing your energy
  • Create income teaching what you love
  • Control your breath
  • Balance body and soul

Course Content

You’ll receive a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course that certifies you to be an instructor in the following:

  • Acrofit Power 1: 60-minute class that combines basic acrobatics, cardio, and strength training, all done on a yoga mat.
  • Acrofit Team 1: Partner exercises that require coordinated balance, isometric power, and trust.
  • Acrofit System 1: A circuit-style training workout that can be adapted for travelers, busy people, and small spaces.

In addition, you’ll receive the Acrofit Course Manual and an Acrofit System Level 1 DVD to supplement your training.


Next training to be announced. Thank you to the last group for a fantastic training!

Dates, Times, Locations

OPTIONAL FREE RUNNING TRAINING: Friday, COMING IN 2012, 2010: 6:00pm-9:00pm at Exploration Peak Park. We highly recommend attending this pre-workshop training.

Session 1:  Saturday, COMING IN 2012:  2:00pm-10:00pm @ Barefoot Sanctuary Yoga Studio in Las Vegas

Session 2:  Sunday, COMING IN 2012:   2:00pm-10:00pm @ Barefoot Sanctuary Yoga Studio in Las Vegas