Acrofit™ is a combination of basic acrobatics, cardio, and strength training that is designed to improve your balance, coordination, power, and stamina. It’s the most fun you’ll have working out! Learn more…


“Acrofit is an innovative, fun class that will put a smile on your face for sure.  The class was crazy – rolling around, going sideways, upside down, and jumping – but it was definitely a fabulous class worth giving it a try!”

– Shiho, Student

“Your course is the fitness my body needs. All my running and swimming were not helping me get stronger. I can see this will help me strengthen both my joints and muscle. Thanks you for challenging us, I needed it.”

- Marc Biddle, Student

“Acrofit can really be effective for people who want to take their athleticism to the next level.”

- Chris Staefe, hiker, climber, Acrofit™ Instructor

“I love that I can take classes not typically found at other gyms or studios, such as Acrofit and Handstands. Because the classes are small, the instructors are able to tailor the class to each individual’s needs and fitness level. They also mix it up from time to time, so that the classes are continually challenging and fun.”

– Jen, Student

“Acrofit training is a cutting edge fitness discipline for its time. Acrofit is an ideal class structure for the energetic youth, the fit adult seeking a good challenge and any acrobat, yogi or dancer who is looking for the next best workout. It’s real inspiring to see what people learn to do with their bodies in this class setting with such professional and patient instruction.”

– Jaime Tam, Founder Expressive Yoga